Those little certainties

If there is anything we are certain about, it is that one  some day all of us are going to die and this is not a bad thing. It is a good thing! At last we are going to get the answer of that one question which everyone has been asking since the dawn of life. Who cares if we cannot share it with others??!! They will get to know the answer in their own sweet time.

I don’t really understand why people fear death when it is the only PREDICTABLE event in our life. Instead what they should be fearing is how they spend the time they have before that. To me death seems like that distant light which rekindles our hope. What better promise could we have from God than the one he has already given us: IT IS ALL GOING TO PASS!

Therefore, today I am requesting all those people who are sitting on their behinds reading this article: get up, look up and go do what you want to do. Do not be afraid of all the uncertain results your actions will bear as you already know the ultimate, unchangeable and final  result: DEATH.


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